Holding Churches, Government Agencies And Others Accountable For Acts Of Sexual Abuse And Other Injuries

Sexual abuse of children can occur by a perpetrator who is a member of the clergy or is employed in a position of trust or leadership such as a doctor, teacher, coach, or youth counselor. The perpetrator should be arrested and the victim should be compensated for the wrongdoing.

Clergy abuse occurs when a member of the clergy such as a priest, minister, seminarian or other religious person takes advantage of his position of influence and respect to commit a sexual crime. Church organizations, such as Catholic Dioceses, have concealed incidents of sexual abuse and moved pedophile priests from parish to parish in the past. Only recently have many of these religious organizations come forward to recognize and resolve their past cover-ups and try to heal the damage caused to children and their parents. However, the sexual abuse of children continues. Parents must be aware of suspected abuse caused by teachers, counselors, students and clergy members and promptly report all incidents and possible abuse to the police. Parents or guardians of children should contact an experienced attorney to represent the child as soon as the abuse is reported.

Permanent injuries to children can occur as a result of negligent supervision by a county or private agency. These cases require the services of component trial lawyers who have the experience to litigate the cases and go to trial if a reasonable settlement does not occur. Van Blois Law have achieved successful results for child victims of harmful abuse and negligent medical treatment.

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