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Tips to help you prevent slips, trips and falls

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2017 | Blog |

Slipping or tripping on a slippery surface can lead to serious accidents. It is imperative that you use proper safety techniques to try to prevent these falls from occurring.

While there are some options to keep yourself safe, some aspects of safety don’t depend on you. Property owners must ensure that they are keeping the property free of hazards and obstacles that might cause a fall.

Improve traction

When you know the surfaces are likely going to be slippery, such as when it is raining, wear non-slip footwear. This can help you to avoid slipping.

As you walk, take small steps and move slowly. Your feet should be slightly outward so that your center of balance is a bit wider.

Watch your step

There are instances in which you might have to walk through areas that are slick and then areas that are dry. This can make it hard to keep your footing. The dry surface will have more traction than the wet, which could lead you to trip if you aren’t watching your steps.

Businesses might use mats and other options to help you keep your footing. Even these pose a trip hazard because of the change in surface.

Another reason to whatch where you are walking is that obstacles, such as cords and uneven pavement, might make you trip. These types of hazards are present indoors and outdoors, so be prepared at all times.

Catching yourself

Trying to catch yourself when you are going to fall is only natural. If possible, try to not use your hands. There is a chance that you will snap your wrist with the impact. Using your forearm to break your fall might be a better option. Even falling onto your knees may reduce the severity of the injuries you will face.

Dealing with traffic

When there is traffic and the roads are slick, you need to be mindful of what drivers are doing. Remember that drivers need extra distance to stop, so don’t try to dash in front of any vehicle, even if you have the right of way. There is a chance that darting in front of traffic might lead to your getting hit by the car.

When you are involved in any type of pedestrian accident, whether a fall or being struck by a car, you might suffer injuries. Seeking medical care can get a diagnosis and treatment plan to help you heal.

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