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Serious injuries can leave you facing many challenges now and in the future. Let us fight for the compensation you need to overcome them.

Pursuing Full Relief For You

Catastrophic injuries are truly life-altering. You need financial relief that doesn’t just cover your current expenses, but instead is enough to cover your future ones as well. Come to our serious injury lawyers for help pursuing this full compensation.

For over 40 years, we at Van Blois & Associates have been serving clients in Oakland, the Bay Area, the Central Valley and Northern California. Our experienced and award-winning attorneys are ready to give you the dedicated representation you deserve after you have suffered burns, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries or other serious injuries due to the negligence of others. We will carefully analyze your case to determine how much compensation you need. We will then do everything in our power help you secure this relief.

Standing Up To Insurers

Insurers often fight tooth and nail to minimize what they have to pay in serious injury cases. Get fearless advocates who aren’t intimidated by these tactics.

No Fee Unless You Win

You don’t have to worry about paying anything in advance for our services. You only owe us a fee if we get you a recovery.

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We Understand What It Takes To Get Real Results

Turn to a seasoned team that knows how to build winning arguments. In our decades of service, we have obtained numerous large recoveries for victims of serious injuries. These include:

  • $11.75 million recovery: Motor vehicle accident – traumatic brain injury
  • $11.1 million settlement: Motor vehicle accident – traumatic brain injury
  • $8.2 million settlement: Ladder accident – brain injury
  • $6 million settlement: Construction accident – partial paralysis

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