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Broken bones can result in more complicated medical issues

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2017 | Injuries |

People get into terrible car accidents every day in California. There are some fatalities and often some serious injuries. If you recently experienced a severe car accident, you may consider yourself lucky to have only suffered a broken bone. In some cases, however, that broken bone may develop into something more serious. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), also called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), can sometimes develop as a result of broken bones. For those who develop this painful and sometimes debilitating condition, CRPS can impact all aspects of their lives.

Because CRPS is a complex medical condition, it can cause difficulties when working with insurance companies after an accident. Perhaps you accepted benefits based on the broken bone, before you knew that the accident also caused CRPS. Maybe you will need extra help to obtain an accurate diagnosis, as some doctors are not as familiar with this acquired condition. It’s impossible to know, before your broken bones heal, what the end result of an accident will be. CRPS is often directly associated with trauma to extremities or broken bones in limbs.

CRPS presents a variety of serious symptoms

Sometimes you won’t know until you are out of your cast that something is wrong with your injured limb. Other times, you notice while healing that the pain, which was once tolerable, has become worse. People with CRPS often report moderate to severe chronic pain in the affected limb or extremity. That pain may feel like a burning, aching or cold pain. The skin nearby will become more sensitive. Even normal stimulation, like showers or clothing, may be unpleasant or painful. The area may swell or become discolored. Hair or nails in the region could also change color or texture.

CRPS may cause sweating in the affected area or a noticeable difference in temperature when compared with the opposite, unaffected limb. There is also the potential for decreased strength, flexibility and range of motion in limbs affected by CRPS. Other conditions may cause these same symptoms, so seeing a doctor who understands CRPS and can accurately diagnose you is important. You should also speak with an experienced California personal injury attorney.

An attorney can help get compensation due to CRPS

Proving a complex medical condition to an insurance company or to the courts can be difficult. Working with the right lawyer can make the process less cryptic and challenging. He or she will know how to present evidence and how to work with medical professionals to get you the help you need. Your attorney can help you negotiate a settlement that factors into ongoing care for CRPS symptoms. Failing that, your lawyer can also help you file a civil lawsuit if necessary.

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