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Life-threatening car accident injuries may not cause pain

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2019 | Injuries, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The injuries a person can suffer in a car accident are often extremely painful and life-threatening. Unfortunately, some life-threatening injuries are not easy to identify, and may not cause any pain at all until they worsen. In some cases, by the time that a victim feels pain from an injury, their life is already in great danger.

If you recently experienced a car accident and have not received a complete medical examination from a qualified medical professional, you may be in danger. It is never wise to skip a medical examination after any car accident, because you may have delayed pain injuries you cannot feel. While many of these injuries are not life-threatening, some of them are potentially fatal. Be sure to protect your rights and future quality of life after any car accident with proper medical care and a strong legal strategy to compensate you for losses and suffering, if some other party caused the accident.

Internal bleeding

Internal bleeding is a much more common injury than many people realize. If a car accident victim has severe internal bleeding, they may quickly lose consciousness and die if they lose too much blood. However, even a small instance of internal bleeding can turn fatal if left untreated. Any time that internal bleeding occurs, it is likely that the wound may develop an infection.

Left untreated, the infection will grow. Once the infection grows strong enough, it can travel through the victim’s circulatory system to every part of the body, including the brain. This is a deadly condition, and is also a painful way for a person to lose their life.

Partial organ damage

It is also common for a victim of a car accident to suffer partial damage to their internal organs. When an organ suffers partial damage, it may continue to function while the victim’s body attempts to heal it naturally, and in some cases, the body is successful. On the other hand, if the body cannot heal the organ, it will eventually shut the organ down completely, which can quickly lead to other organs shutting down.

Once an organ fails, the victim feels extreme pain and may lose their life. While it is possible to recover from organ failure, it is not a simple or quick process, and no accident victim would want to go through the experience if they can avoid it.

Keeping your recovery secure

Whether you suffered minor injuries in a car accident or discover more serious injuries that require additional medical care, you deserve to protect your quality of life in the future and throughout your recovery. Medical documentation from post-accident medical care helps establish treatment and serves as a good basis for a personal injury claim.

Building a personal injury claim is rarely easy, and many accident victims struggle to find the time to fight for their rights and fair compensation while also juggling their other responsibilities and physical recovery needs. With a strong legal strategy and high quality legal tools and guidance when needed, you can keep your rights protected throughout your recovery and beyond.

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