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How brain injuries cause personality changes

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2022 | Blog, Brain Injury |

Brain injuries are still under a lot of study to this day. However, as people come to learn more about them, they can better understand why certain changes occur in brain injury victims.

For example, people suffering from traumatic brain injury in certain areas often face personality changes. But how or why does this happen in the first place?

Changes specific to frontal lobe damage

Physiopedia discusses frontal lobe injuries, which are particularly problematic to a victim’s health for numerous reasons.

The frontal lobe is a major hub for important parts of a human’s ability to navigate daily life. It is where short-term memory is stored, and it controls impulses and emotional regulation.

Thus, victims who suffer from frontal lobe damage often see the impact in those areas of their life. Many will become easier to agitate or anger and could end up lashing out at their loved ones even if this is uncharacteristic for them.

The danger of losing impulse control

Others lose the ability to control their impulses and might say or do regrettable things without thinking. They can ruin their relationships with others or even put themselves in harm’s way with unexpected risk-taking behavior that they may not have displayed before.

They may also lose their ability to cope appropriately with stressful situations. This can lead to uncharacteristic outbursts of emotion in stressful settings, which can unfortunately often occur on the job.

Together, these changes can make it seem like a victim’s entire personality has changed, and usually for the worst. It is a difficult thing for both the victim and their loved ones to swallow, and a significant hurdle to work through.

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