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What causes truck accidents?

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2022 | Trucking Accidents |

Semi-truck drivers provide essential services, ensuring that goods make it out to consumer retailers. When a crash between a big rig and a car occurs, the truck driver faces the highest scrutiny.

A significant number of fatal accidents involve large trucks, such as semis and buses. While every crash consists of different elements, some factors recur more frequently.

What are driver errors?

Truck drivers commit errors while driving, just as those operating passenger vehicles. The difference is that when a trucker makes a mistake or does something negligent, it may cause a catastrophic crash. Driving under the influence of a substance remains a dangerous element in crashes. This includes chemicals meant to keep drivers awake.

Truckers work around the clock. While they have rules that dictate how much time they can spend driving before taking a break, some still drive while fatigued. Falling asleep behind the wheel may cause a truck to drift between lanes or run off the road. Another common cause of crashes is driving while distracted, which crosses the lines between truckers and passenger vehicle operators.

What are mechanical factors?

In some instances, a malfunction with the truck itself may lead to a crash. Proper truck maintenance may help avoid the breakdown of tires and brakes before they become dangerous. Truckers should go through checklists every time they transport a load. Truck companies should dictate the type of maintenance a rig undergoes.

Road conditions and weather can also contribute to truck crashes. Truckers should remain diligent when operating large vehicles, just as passenger drivers.

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