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What are degrees of burn severity?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2023 | Injuries |

Suffering from a burn injury requires medical attention, but the type of attention needed differs depending on the severity of the burn.

How does a person treat a burn injury properly? How does each degree of burn severity manifest in the first place?

First- and second-degree burns

Healthline takes a look at burn severity in differing degrees. The lowest grade of severity comes in the form of first-degree burns. These burns just cause redness of the skin without blistering. The outermost layer of skin ends up damaged.

Sunburns that do not blister typically fall into this category. They still likely feel painful, especially to the touch, but this pain is easy to manage with over-the-counter products and pain medication.

Second-degree burns come in next. These burns blister and tend to have longer-lasting impacts on the victim’s health. Sometimes, these burn injury victims need more immediate medical attention. For example, any second-degree burn on the face or taking up more than 3 inches on any space of the body constitutes a severe injury.

Third-degree burns

Finally, third-degree burns constitute the most severe of all burn injuries. These burn injuries can go all the way down to the bone and result in life-long scarring, physical disabilities and damages, nerve problems, and more.

Third-degree burns also have a high rate of infection due to the level of skin exposed to bacteria and particles. These reasons are why third-degree burn victims need immediate and appropriate medical attention to keep their situation from worsening.

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