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What happens if your spouse who works construction gets hurt?

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2023 | Construction Accidents |

Having a spouse in a skilled trade like construction can benefit your family. You may enjoy a higher standard of living because of the income they bring home.

Unfortunately, the excellent wages and job security available in the construction trade come at it cost. The work available is often incredibly dangerous. Construction workers are at higher risk than people in many other professions for both severe injuries and workplace fatalities. As a result, you may – very understandably – be worried about what happens when someone who works in construction ends up hurt – or even killed – on the job.

Workers’ compensation coverage helps families

All Florida employees have the potential option of filing a workers’ compensation claim after an injury on the job. Workers’ compensation coverage can pay for someone’s medical treatment after a construction injury. It can also assist with replacing someone’s wages.

Workers’ compensation is subject to both a limit to the maximum disability benefit amount and a scale for payments. Workers typically can only receive up to two-thirds of their average weekly wages, and highly-compensated professionals, like those in construction, may not receive the full two-thirds of their wages because of the limit on payment amounts.

Workers’ compensation can also protect those who lose a loved one to a job-related injury by providing funeral reimbursement and wage replacement comparable to the benefits available as disability pay. In the event of injury or death, workers and their families may also be entitled to pursue personal injury damages in addition to workers’ comp benefits.

Injured workers need to know their rights

Those who derive a strong sense of personal pride from their employment may feel devastated if an injury will force them to take a lengthy leave of absence or change professions entirely. They may also worry about making a claim for benefits if they hope to continue working for the same company, as stories about retaliation make people feel uncertain about utilizing their rights.

As someone married to a professional working a dangerous job, like construction, you can help support an injured loved one by educating them about their rights and encouraging them to seek the benefits that can make a major difference for your family overall.

Understanding how workers’ compensation supports those at risk of catastrophic work injuries can help families to understand their rights to compensation, including compensation in the event of a loved one’s death caused by occupational injury – like a fatal fall – or occupational illness.

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