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A look at some irreversible injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2023 | Injuries |

Serious injuries come in all forms and can happen quickly. Sometimes a significant injury can respond well to treatment, and other times the damage has an irreversible, permanent nature.

Despite medical advances, the following injuries, even in young people, rarely result in steady improvement.

Traumatic brain injury

The Mayo Clinic covers brain injuries in detail and identifies those which do not respond well to treatments, even over time. These injuries have a classification of moderate to severe. They have the potential to cause prolonged or permanent changes to brain function and tend to cause an altered state of consciousness ranging from a coma state to a complete loss of brain activity.

Traumatic brain injuries come from falls, car accidents, sports injuries and violence. Prevention involves wearing seat belts when driving, wearing a helmet when engaged in sports and keeping young children safe at all times.

Spinal cord injury

The Mayo Clinic stresses that this type of injury often results in permanent damage to critical aspects of a person’s life such as the ability to walk or feel sensations. It also impacts a person’s circulatory and respiratory systems. A serious spinal injury damages the nerve fibers and impacts the central nervous system.

A spinal cord injury often comes as the result of a trauma event such as a vehicle accident or significant fall. Prevention involves driving safely, wearing seat belts and taking precautions when working or playing sports.

The medical profession keeps making advances even in situations that did not show much promise just a few years ago. However, an irreversible injury harms the quality of life and sometimes requires legal action for just compensation.

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