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How dangerous is speeding?

On Behalf of | May 29, 2023 | Blog, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Certain driving behaviors increase the risk of accidents for all motorists.

This is certainly true of speeding, which is among the riskiest driving behaviors. Maintaining a reasonable speed is a must for a safe driving experience, but not all motorists take the issue seriously. Here is how speeding causes damage and how you can hopefully avoid a major collision.

Speeding is associated with serious accidents

Driving at unsafe speeds led to the death of 12,330 in 2021 alone. That means 29% of all traffic deaths that year were linked to speeding. Also, consider that one-third of all traffic deaths over the last 20 years involved speeding.

Why speeding is so dangerous

When driving at a high rate of speed, it will take a vehicle longer to stop. Accordingly, a driver is more likely to get into a collision when speeding than if they were driving at a reasonable rate. In the same token, speeding can actually increase the severity of injuries and property damage should an accident occur.

It is also a lot harder to control your vehicle when driving at a high rate of speed. And while all modern vehicles contain a variety of safety features, these features are usually less effective the faster you go.

What you can do to avoid an accident

Operating your vehicle safely at all times can greatly reduce your accident risk. If you find yourself driving with a speeding motorist, keep your distance. If you are in the passing lane, move over to let the speeding driver go by. In the event a motorist is driving too close behind you, do what you can to get out of the way. And do not hesitate to contact the police if you feel threatened.

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