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3 ways traumatic brain injuries can impact someone’s income

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2023 | Brain Injury |

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by a car crash can be very expensive to treat. Just the imaging tests required to prove that someone has a brain injury can cost thousands of dollars, and any surgery or treatments recommended will likely cost far more than that.

Those recovering from a TBI caused by a car crash may focus so much on their medical expenses that they overlook a secondary source of economic strain caused by their injury and may fail to secure adequate compensation as a result. Not only do TBIs typically lead to significant lifetime medical costs, but they also often reduce someone’s earning potential. These are some of the ways that a brain injury can negatively impact someone’s income.

They may experience cognitive changes

Many of the worst brain injuries affect someone’s ability to reason or their memory. Changes in cognition can make it difficult for someone to continue performing the same job. Whether they struggle to recall old memories or to generate new ones, they may no longer be able to perform the same job functions safely and efficiently. Those who struggle with focus or decision-making because of a TBI may also find that they can no longer perform the same job functions they once did with the same level of success.

They may develop physical limitations

Some people experience issues with fine motor control following a brain injury. Others may develop challenges with their sense of balance, which might make it difficult for them to perform any job that requires driving or standing. In some cases, those with physically-demanding jobs may find that the limitations generated by a TBI will affect their job performance or make it unsafe for them to continue their profession.

Their overall mood or personality may change

A brain injury may lead to subtle changes that people can’t quantify but definitely notice. Shifts in someone’s personality or mood can drastically affect their ability to perform a job well. They may become more irritable and therefore struggle with customer service or have a harder time closing sales. They may go from being an introvert who could focus on their job for hours at end to a suddenly-chatty extrovert who is now a distraction for their team members.

Even when people with moderate brain injuries can continue going about their daily lives, they may not be able to pursue their careers in the ways they once intended or continue supporting themselves and their families. Understanding how brain injuries can affect a family’s finances may make it easier for people to pursue fairly-valued compensation after a car crash results in an injury.

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