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How can debris cause a serious vehicle crash?

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2023 | Blog, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

One danger people may initially ignore while driving is debris on the road. Debris, which includes objects like rocks and tree branches, might seem harmless at first glance.

However, they can become hazardous items that cause serious accidents in some scenarios.

Sudden interruptions on the road

With around 42,915 people dying in motor vehicle crashes in 2021, there are many reasons to stay alert when on the road. When vehicles hit debris, the impact can result in serious accidents. Objects like large rocks or metal parts can damage a vehicle’s structure, potentially causing the driver to lose control.

In some cases, debris might even pop tires, leading to sudden blowouts. Additionally, if a vehicle strikes debris at high speeds, it can cause the debris to hit other vehicles or pedestrians, increasing the danger.

Less traction and visibility

Debris on the road can reduce visibility by covering up important road signs and markers or dangers such as potholes. This bad visibility can make it challenging for drivers to react quickly to changing road conditions. Debris can also impact the traction of tires, leading to skidding during rainy or icy weather.

Sudden direction changes or swerving

To avoid a collision with items on the road, drivers might instinctively swerve, leading to strange movements. Such sudden movements catch nearby drivers off guard, starting a chain reaction that could result in multi-vehicle pileups involving several cars.

Debris might seem innocent, but it holds the potential to turn roads into danger zones. Dealing with the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident is intense, so all drivers must remain attentive to their surroundings to lower the risks associated with debris.

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