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3 reasons large trucks cause severe crash injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Commercial trucks play a key role in the economy, ensuring the smooth flow of goods across the nation.

However, the sheer size and weight of these vehicles make them potential hazards on the road. Understanding the factors that contribute to accidents involving commercial trucks is important for promoting road safety.

1. Speeding and limited visibility

One significant factor contributing to severe accidents involving commercial trucks is speeding. The pressure to meet tight schedules can drive truck drivers to exceed speed limits. This compromises their ability to react swiftly. Additionally, the large blind spots around trucks make it challenging for drivers to be aware of surrounding vehicles. As a result, abrupt lane changes or turns can lead to collisions, causing severe injuries.

2. Fatigue and long hours

Commercial truck drivers often face demanding schedules, pushing them to drive for extended periods without adequate rest. Fatigue compromises cognitive functions, slowing reaction times and impairing decision-making abilities. A drowsy driver behind the wheel of a massive truck poses a serious risk, as they may fail to notice changes in traffic conditions or react promptly to potential dangers.

3. Improper loading and unsecured cargo

Proper cargo loading is important for maintaining the stability and balance of commercial trucks. Inadequate securing of cargo or improper distribution can lead to dangerous situations, such as the shifting of weight during transit. Unstable loads increase the risk of a rollover or jackknife, resulting in severe accidents with devastating consequences for both the truck driver and other road users.

With more trucks than ever on the road, the chances of an accident also rise. In 2021, large trucks involved in injury crashes increased 11% from 2020. People injured in such incidents have the right to seek compensation.

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