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$2,150,000 Settlement – Big Rig Causes Passenger Van to Overturn

Plaintiff, a 19 year old laborer, was riding in a 2007 Chevrolet Express van on his way to California with his fellow workers on July 22, 2011. On a rural Colorado highway, a tractor trailer made a left turn at an intersection directly in the path of the van, causing a collision. The van rolled over and the roof over the head of our client crushed down, causing quadriplegia. The Colorado State Patrol investigating officer found the van driver to be at fault, although the truck had made an illegal left turn into the path of the van that was in the process of passing the truck. We undertook a full investigation of the accident and retained an engineer to reconstruct the accident. Our expert established that the truck caused the collision resulting in a rollover accident. Our client was wearing his shoulder harness and lap belt but the roof of the van crushed over him causing his severe injuries. We negotiated a settlement for the full insurance policy limits of the truck driver, the trailer owners and obtained $400,000 from a disputed garage policy. A product liability case is currently proceeding in Sacramento against General Motors, the manufacturer of the Chevrolet van.