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Helping Injured Bicyclists And Motorcyclists Rebuild Their Lives

Bicycle and motorcycle accidents often result in brain injury, spinal cord injury or death. These accident victims are more vulnerable to injury than car occupants. Van Blois & Associates has the extensive experience and resources to achieve successful results in bike accidents.

Bicycle Accidents

The number of bicyclists has significantly increased in the Bay Area. Unfortunately increased numbers of cyclists can also mean increased traffic collisions.

If you are injured in a bicycle accident and the traffic collision report is adverse, you should contact an experienced bicycle injury attorney immediately. Many police officers have a bias against cyclists that translates into unfavorable witness statements, inadequate collision analysis and incorrect findings of fault. Jurors at trial often find bicyclists at fault for their injuries. In order to obtain a fair settlement or win at trial you need an experienced attorney with the necessary resources to represent you.

We have successfully handled bike accident cases including:

  • Hit and run driver sideswipes bicyclist causing brain injury
  • Road hazard causes bicyclist to fall causing head injury
  • Car driver invades cyclist right of way causing fatality
  • Road with deep potholes causes bicyclist to sustain paralyzing injuries
  • Car door swings open injuring bicyclist
  • Poorly maintained railroad crossing causes severe injury to Modesto cyclist
  • Truck driver runs over a bicyclist he failed to see before making a right turn

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents usually result in severe injuries or fatality to the motorcyclists. Many people are predisposed to find motorcyclists at fault in accidents. The severity of their injuries and the prevailing prejudice of jurors toward motorcycle riders requires legal representation by a competent experienced attorney. Van Blois & Associates has access to motorcycle experts and the necessary resources to successfully pursue motorcycle accident cases. It is essential that a prompt careful investigation take place soon after a motorcycle accident to preserve and document physical evidence including skid marks, gouge marks, road debris and vehicle damage.

Our motorcycle accident cases include successful results in these cases:

  • CHP motorcyclist recovers multi-million dollar jury verdict for burn injuries caused by a defective motorcycle
  • Husband and wife on motorcycle killed by negligent truck driver on Highway 88 in San Joaquin County
  • Inattentive car driver turns left in front of motorcyclists on Oakland street
  • Motorcyclist loses leg in collision with negligently operated pick up truck
  • Hayward man injured when inattentive car driver invades right of way
  • Berkeley garbage truck makes wide right turn cutting off motorcyclist causing leg amputation

In all vehicle injury cases, whatever the cause, if we accept your case, we will be fully invested in your success.

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