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Taking On Bus, Boat, Train And Airplane Accidents

Each year many Californians are injured and killed in public transportation accidents and recreation accidents occurring on roads, rails, water and in the air. Van Blois & Associates has successfully represented plaintiffs injured in plane, train, bus and boat accidents for more than 40 years.

Bus Accident Cases

Van Blois & Associates has successfully handled cases involving city buses, tour buses, school buses, charter buses and casino buses. Several deadly bus accidents on U.S. highways have safety advocates and the families of accident victims asking for increased regulation of the bus industry.

We have the expertise to promptly investigate and successfully conclude cases for victims of bus crashes and other serious motor vehicle accidents.

One of our successful bus accident cases occurred in an early morning rush hour multi-vehicle accident on Interstate 880 in Oakland, California, when an AC Transit bus was negligently operated. The bus driver failed to control or stop the bus when a collision occurred in front of the bus. We established the bus driver’s negligence along with the negligence of a big rig truck driver and the case settled as part of a multi-million dollar settlement.

Boat Accident Cases

There are many bodies of water in Northern California where recreational boating, swimming and fishing occur. The Pacific Ocean, San Francisco Bay, Delta Waterways, Lake Tahoe and other lakes and reservoirs are busy waterways where boat accidents can occur. To successfully pursue boating accidents, a lawyer must have specialized knowledge of boating law and regulations. We have extensive experience in handling all kinds of boat cases, jet ski and other water craft accidents. One of our lawyers has been actively involved in recreational boating and sailing for over 40 years.

Some of the types of boat cases we have successfully pursued include:

  • Charter boat collides with fisherman in rowboat on San Francisco Bay
  • Speeding boat hits canoe killing boy on Lodi Lake
  • Defective installation of outboard motor causes boat to sink in Half Moon Bay
  • Livermore man drowns when boat capsizes on Puget Sound, Washington
  • Boy injured swimming at Rogue River, Oregon campground
  • Defect in a stove causes burn injury on Caribbean sailboat
  • Boat operator collides with rocks in Napa River injuring passenger
  • Jet ski collision injures woman
  • Reckless speed boat operator causes passenger to sustain severe neck injury on Lake Don Pedro in Tuolumne County, California
  • Engine explosion injures boat passengers

Train Accident Cases

Railroad accidents frequently occur in the Bay Area and Central Valley of California. Commuter trains and freight trains travel at high speeds on railroad tracks located in highly populated areas. Railroad trains take an extraordinarily long time to stop and train operators usually do not attempt to slow or stop a fast moving train until after the accident has occurred. People crossing or walking along train tracks cannot appreciate how quickly a train reaches them when it appears to be far away. The human eye cannot accurately gauge or estimate the speed of an oncoming train. Train accident cases require a highly experienced lawyer to be able to successfully negotiate this complex area of the law. Van Blois & Associates has successfully recovered settlements and awards from Amtrak, Burlington Northern and Santa Fe, Southern Pacific, Union Pacific Railroad and Western Pacific railroads, as well as from the Bay Area Transit System (BART).

Airplane Accident Cases

Aviation accidents result in fatalities and catastrophic injuries in most instances. Although pilot error is often blamed for crashes, mechanical failure, control tower errors, contaminated fuel and product design defects can also be a cause of an airplane accident. We have the experience and resources to effectively handle aviation accidents including commercial airlines, small private planes, ultralight craft and helicopters.

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