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Helping People After An Industrial Accident Or Explosion

Industrial accidents cause catastrophic injuries and death to California factory and industrial workers. A worker will receive worker compensation benefits, but these benefits do not provide adequate compensation for severe injuries, disability or death. The lawyers at Van Blois & Associates are skilled in locating responsible third parties to obtain benefits far greater that the worker compensation benefit.

Some of the most severe on the job injuries occur when machine operators are injured by industrial equipment. When a machine presents a hazard that cannot be eliminated, the appropriate action is to guard against the hazard and to warn of the danger. All too often machines are unguarded, inadequately guarded or the wrong type of guard is used. Failure to safely guard against hazards can cause amputations, lacerations, crush injuries and death.

Explosions can cause severe burn injuries and other severe and often fatal injuries. Explosions can occur at refineries, chemical plants, construction sites, or whenever there is a gas or oil leak. The cause of explosions is often a result of negligence including defective gas lines, improper maintenance, careless procedures and inadequate training.

Propane gas can be especially dangerous and volatile.

Experienced In Serious Injuries

Van Blois & Associates has extensive experience handling all types of injury cases, including fire and explosion cases. Our lawyers have successfully pursued cases of persons injured or killed by propane gas explosions including the devastating explosion that demolished the Gold Miners Daughter Hotel in Alta, Utah where we represented the family of a Livermore woman killed in the blast. To see more about our results in explosion cases we invite you to view our case results page.

An industrial injury victim needs to be represented by knowledgeable, experienced and caring attorneys. Our lawyers work with experienced medical specialists, life care planners, rehabilitation experts and vocational specialists to obtain sufficient funds to pay for our client’s current and future needs.

The Time To Act Is Now

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