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Striving To Recover Full Compensation After A Drunk Driving Accident

Persons who drive a vehicle when their ability is impaired by alcohol or drugs must be held fully accountable for injuries to others. When we accept a case involving drunk driving, we pursue the case not only against the driver’s insurance company, but also against the driver’s and owner’s assets when reasonably possible in order to obtain full compensation for our injured client and to punish the offending driver which we believe will help prevent future drunk driving accidents. In many cases, victims and families of victims can claim punitive damages for injuries and deaths caused by a drunk driver.

The Statistics Speak For Themselves

In 1980 Candice Lightner co-founded Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) after a drunk driver killed her 13-year-old daughter. The organization has been successfully working to lower the blood-alcohol limits for conviction of drinking drivers. The statistics involving drunk drivers are staggering.

There has been some progress in reducing deaths caused by intoxicated drivers. While nearly 10,000 people died in 2014, When MADD was founded in 1980 there were more than 22,000 drunk driving fatalities each year. While these efforts have undoubtedly saved lives, today, roughly one in three fatal car accidents involves alcohol.

The lawyers at Van Blois & Associates are experienced in helping people who have been injured in the full range of motor vehicle accidents, including alcohol and drug related accidents. Our attorneys are ready to provide immediate assistance and thoroughly investigate and prosecute cases for injuries and fatalities caused by drunk drivers.

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